Introducing the Isuzu FX-Series of Extra Heavy Commercial Trucks

If your business requires a fleet that is reliable and capable, then you need the extra heavy-duty trucks featured in the Isuzu FX-Series. Boasting eight models in a range of wheelbases, with numerous suspension options, axles and transmission variations to choose from. The Isuzu FX-Series of extra-heavy commercial trucks can handle any task thrown its way with confidence and capability.

Designed to perform and built to last

The FX-Series range delivers cutting-edge fuel-efficient engineering. They even feature Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) which offers enhanced safety and control and provides a safeguard against missing gear shifts, keeping the driver in control and concentrated on the road. The Isuzu extra heavy-duty truck range features ten variants, including trucks, tractors and rigid bodies. The series boasts specs of up to 33 000kg GVM, ranging from the 8x4 FYH Tipper Auto model up to the 45 000kg GVM Compactor Auto models.

View Isuzu’s versatile FX-Series of extra heavy vehicles

Developed to meet the most stringent of Euro V environmental standards, Isuzu’s extra heavy-duty commercial trucks offer usability, convenience and affordability while limiting maintenance and repair costs. Manufactured with durable parts that were built to last, the FX-Series is capable of carrying your cargo and driver safely and securely. Designed to handle a variety of heavy-duty applications, the FX-Series offer custom tipper, compactor and mixer chassis options.

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FXR 17-360 FREIGHTER From R1 246 900
GXR 35-350 From R1 422 000
FXZ 26-360 TIPPER From R1 588 000
FXZ 26-360 FREIGHTER From R1 593 100
FXZ 26-360 MIXER From R1 613 700
FYH 33-360 TIPPER From R1 608 900
GXR 35-350 AUTO From R1 698 200
FXZ 28-360 COMPACTOR From R1 758 900
FXZ 28-360 COMPACTOR AUTO From R2 035 300
FYH 33-360 MIXER From R2 007 000
FXZ 26-360 FREIGHTER AUTO From R2 030 500
FYH 33-360 TIPPER AUTO From R1 877 000
FYH 33-360 MIXER AUTO From R1 944 100